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    No. 5 by Chanel

    I used to wear No5 during the early 80s, when I thought it was wonderful. Though I usually wore the Parfum strength, I liked the Eau de Cologne (which had a more noticable rose note) for summer. The EDC has now been discontinued, along with some wonderful bath products. Strangely, the EDP (which was released in the UK in the late 80s, at the same time the EDC was discontinued) goes to nothing on me within 20 minutes of putting it on, even though the EDT lasts for a few hours. I have not smelled the Eau Premier, and am not in a great hurry to.

    No 5 is a strongly aldehydic mixture of rose, jasmine, musk and sprices (not dissimilar to Coty's L'Aiment and Givenchy's L'Interdit); it developed into rich and heavy scent, which I kept for special occasions. It's quite difficult to describe exactly what No5 smells like, as the aldehyde changes the other ingredients drastically. Once smelled though, you'll remember it.

    Today, though I do not dislike No5, it has not aged well (I feel the last 20 years have not been very kind to No5), and is actually a rather boring fragrance (especially when compared to the largely discontinued No22). Not a fragrance I am likely to buy again.

    29th March, 2010

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