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    Cristalle Eau de Toilette by Chanel

    I love the orignal EDT version of Cristalle, and usually wear it during the summer. It is a bright, sparkling and light; on me lemon, hyacinth and jasmine are most prominent. When I initially put it on, I get a very similar note to No19, but this fades within seconds, and the lemon develops. The jasmine and hyacinth develop within 10 minutes. I think Diorella is probably the nearest fragrance; Boots The Chemist used to make a perfume called Aquiana, which I remember as being very similar too.

    As with all the Chanels, apart from No5, the bath and body products have been drastically reduced: in the UK the range was almost as comprehensive as No5, but now is reduced to just Body Lotion. There used to soap, shower gel, talc, body cream, spray deoderant to name a few, as well as a lovely product called Refreshing Body Gel, which I used to love on hot summer days.

    There used to be a 15ml refillable EDT handbag spray, which looked very similar to the No5 and No19 parfum sprays, which you could refill from the larger bottles, which I used to carry in my bag - such a pity that's been discontinued.

    All the EDT bottles appear to discontinued in the UK (leaving just sprays). The bottles had a very elegant square screw cap, instead of the round one on the other Chanel frgrances.

    The newer EDP is sweeter and more floral than the EDT, and has a honeysuckle note, which is not evident in the EDT. I much prefer the EDT; I'd have liked Cristalle in the EDP had been a stronger version of the EDT, but it's definitely a different fragrance. I've always wondered what a parfum of Cristalle would be like!

    17th April, 2010

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