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    Diorissimo by Christian Dior

    Diorissimo is a beautiful and classic floral fragrance, based on Lily Of The Valley. Added to the Lily are green, animalic and very subtle spicy notes.

    My friend wears Diorissimo and standing next to her is like being in the middle of a huge and beautiful bunch of flowers. Unfortunately on me Diorissimo changes and soapy notes appear, which taint the perfume, making it smell like gone-off Lily Of The Valley. Strangely, I can wear Caron's Muguet De Bonheur (which I think is very similar to Diorissimo) without this happening. My friend, who buys Diorissimo regularly, tells me that the Parfum (her favourite) is still available, as is the EDT. Apparently the original Esprit De Parfum (which she always wore during the summer) has recently been discontined and replaced by a version called Eau De Parfum. She doesn't like this at all, and says that it smells cheap and nasty in comparison to the existing Parfum and EDT (and nothing like the discontinued Esprit De Parfum).

    I really have to give Diorissimo a thumbs up, as it is a beautiful fragrance; not one I can wear, but one I love on other people.

    29th March, 2010

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