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    Alien by Thierry Mugler

    I have mixed feelings about Alien; it really is a lovely fragrance (particularly in the richer Parfum version). It turns into a sweet vanilla-jasmine scent on me, which is very familiar, and not entirely unique. There are green and spice notes in there too, but they are faint. The EDP tends to get a vanilla ice cream note after a few hours, which is a little sickly. For me it isn't a particularly sophisticated perfume, and a little too "edible", though I have smelled it on other people, and it has developed into something much deeper altogether.

    The real downside, is that Alien is incredibly strong; annoyingly so (traditionally strong fragrances such as Narcisse Noir or even Poison pale into insignificance here!)! Even the smallest squirt of EDP or dab of Parfum is evident on my wrist 2 days and 3 baths later! If Alien floats your boat, I'm sure you won't mind this, but I found it quite annoying, especially when I wanted to wear a different perfume the following day. It definitely isn't a fragrance I would want to wear day after day; a tester once or twice a year is enough for me.

    11th March, 2010

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