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    Fierce for Men by Abercrombie & Fitch

    Well here goes my first of many reviews.

    Fierce is a great smelling cologne that every woman under the age of 25 loves and can actually probably say, "hey you smell like abercrombie."

    For some people that would be a good thing...and some would hate it.

    This cologne starts of interesting and doesn't change all that much as it settles out. It starts sorta synthetic orange and lemon I guess but it actuallly works and smells great. As it dries down it doesn't change much except it does lose it's sharp synthetic note and is replaced with some nice musk. Longevity is another strong point on this cologne. I can do two or three sprays and it'll last 6-7 hours easy on skin. This is above average as I can usually get 4 hours out of most frags.

    Yes this is a fragrance aimed solely at teens. But does that make it bad? Absolutely not. This smells great and there is not one female who will say she doesn't like it.

    31st January, 2010

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