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    Aramis by Aramis

    I absolutely love Aramis. (Disclaimer: When I was in college, a friend brought me a green bottle she said contained some decanted perfume. I asked her what it was... "Aramis, I think" was her only answer.)

    That particular scent has haunted me over the years, and I have not found that exact scent yet. Perhaps the original contents of the bottle... which was globe-shaped at the bottom, had a tall, narrow neck, was about six inches tall, and might have at one time contained balsamic vinegar... had affected the scent. The image that comes to mind is that of a hoofed satyr. (hey, it WAS the 70's!)

    That said... Aramis, and particularly Aramis Classic Reserve, are wonderful. On my (female) skin, the topnotes are both citrus and herbal, and wonderfully energizing. The strong topnotes settle down after about a half hour to something comforting and as much as I would like to describe it in fragrance notes, describing it as my childhood in the sage and pinion pine of Colorado, dry, lovely, aromatic notes... does it better.

    The base notes are definitely smooth, soothing, leathery, mossy, with some hints of patchouli but not as earthy, and amber or sandalwood. And I can still smell it, some sixteen hours later. (the Aramis Classic Reserve, which seems both smoother and richer than the drugstore/dept. store Aramis).

    The closest thing I've found to this is the J. Peterman line 1903... which has its own merits and is different but somehow feels the same, a woody fougere by JP description.

    02nd March, 2010

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