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    Femme de Montblanc by Montblanc

    For me this is definitely a two-stars-only scent. The fragrance pyramid is accurate... I would say it smells more synthetic than natural, which always screams "mall scent" to me.

    If I'm in the mood for something light and innocuous to wear to work, I might reach for this. It is gourmand all the way, pineapple and chocolate seem to be the most obvious. A cardamom lover, I did not get a rich cardamom note from this at all. The heart notes are somewhat overwhelmed by the gourmand, pineapple stays and stays. I did not get much cinnamon except perhaps in the fleeting moments of the top.

    It's a nice scent, as I say innocuous, and at times the raspberry/chocolate with a pineapple twist come to the fore... I'm unsure about the mixing of woods, amber, and musk with those gourmand scents, it can be a little ... not quite nauseating, but sometimes close. So I'm divided. With that slightly odd combination of spice/herb, floral and gourmand and wood... It is ambitious.

    I never get peach, perhaps the pineapple and peach smell too similar in this.

    It's not a scrubber, but I have to be in a certain mood or this just gets sprayed over with my tried-and-trues.

    I have to say that the heart notes may be floral, but to me this is gourmand all the way.

    17th April, 2010

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