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    Patchouli Empire by CB I Hate Perfume

    Even though the initial experience of this was an accident (I dumped a good third of the bottle of PE absolute on my clothing and skin) ... I am impressed with the scent. Not impressed enough to give this the thumbs-up, but impressed. Even with what Caltha has accurately stated an "aromatherapy oil" smell, or perhaps a bit of a head shop patchouli oil effect. The citrus lightness and patchouli earthiness were a little too obvious in the 5 ml spill... I'm presuming they'd be a little less imposing with a realistic "dose". After a wardrobe change the top does have a lot of black tea/citrus/patchouli (and yes, a little black pepper). The resulting middle was mostly patchouli, peppery, piquant... still a little "sixties" in effect... and the drydown has left a sharp but still patchouli in essence, with a woody, not unpleasant, much more mellow than the top, fragrance... but still patchouli in almost every way.

    (By the way the patchouli scent has not washed out of the spilled-on clothes yet, but has faded from the floor.) My impression remains neutral, as the end effect was not much better than the aforementioned patchouli oils.

    26th February, 2010 (Last Edited: 02nd March, 2010)

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