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    Maya by Scents of Time

    Tonight, testing Scents of Time Maya. So far, the top notes hit me with a dark chocolate and jasmine. No copal incense, with which I am very familiar, not in the top. The heart notes are showing up already, I get the vanilla... jasmine...still dark chocolate. Perhaps the copal is the "dark" to the chocolate, as it is definitely not presenting its resinous pungence/sweetness. We will see how the base develops. The top/heart notes are intoxicating though.

    Sillage is moderate and definitely night-blooming jasmine with traces of the chocolate, at least in the heart.

    Closer to the skin the vanilla and jasmine are fighting for domination of the chocolate. I think the heart notes are just now emerging, to be honest.

    More on this scent as it develops.

    Into the heart notes now and it smells almost fruity...sweeter than the top notes, nearly candy-like. (actually somewhat cloying and unpleasant, one element of the heart on my skin smells like that nose-hair-singeing restroom deodorizer... sharply fruit-candylike.) ... Hoping this passes. Further from the skin it is more pleasant fruity/jasmine ... and hints of the chocolate.

    (still more later.)

    Still a little to sweet candy for me, the less desirable notes have quelled somewhat. In the sillage which is still moderate I am getting the chocolate and jasmine and really do smell copal now. Vanilla is in the background but that "vanilla extract sweetness" may be the reason for the near-cloying heart.

    Close to the skin this is overpowering, but it is pleasant just wafting up.

    Drydown... I don't think we're there yet.

    Ah... I've been trying to figure out what the drydown, which seems to be settling in, reminds me of. It's Mole! To be more specific, Mole Poblano. As I know it, anyway.

    Not bad, Not sure I would like this scent all day. (may come back and revise.)

    12th March, 2010

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