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    I am King by Sean John

    Wow. About 90% of the reviewers so far seem tho think this is meant to be a review of Sean 'Puffy' Combs, and barely even mention the fragrance.

    Based on the high percentage of negative reviews alone, I was planning to smell something similar to dollar store cologne, when I received my sample.

    Maybe they mislabeled the bottle, or maybe the previous reviews have fakes, but I do not share the sentiment this is a terrible fragrance.

    I will start with the flaws. If you are looking for a frag that lasts 6-12 hours, this is not it. I got about 4-5 which is about average from my experience.

    The out of the bottle this does not smell very masculine. With 1 being an extremely feminine scent, and 10 being the most masculine, I would put 'I Am King' at about a 6.

    Longevity and femininity aside, I love this fragrance. The mandarin/berry fruit cocktail at the start smell fantastic. Then, it turns into an extremely fresh aquatic/lemon/lime. This combination is great and I have not smelled it anywhere else.

    From there, it dries down to a skin scent that is slightly more masculine than the start, but still feels 'soft'. Overall this reminds me of drinking fruity drinks at a Caribbean bar by the ocean.

    20th February, 2010

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