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    Floriental by Pecksniff's

    This is, without a doubt, the most edgy Peckensniff’s fragrance I’ve tested. It really gets busy doing a lot of neat stuff. In the intial accord, the orange and bay leaves combine to form one of those unique aromatic orange potpourrie combinations – quite cutting edge for staid old Pecksniff’s… but it doesn’t stop there: Soon it pulls in the pimento and cinnamon to add to the spicy aromatics that are holding forth, and my primary reaction is, “Wow… Pecksniff’s??” It gets better: Then the floral notes enter in – carnation and rose. I really don’t get much of the rose, but the carnation is delightfully spicy. Still not done: The drydown features patchouli and opoponax with their soft, rich, smooth near- powdery near- resinousness.

    Altogether, Floriental is an interesting, enjoyable experience. It is about as far as one can get from a delicate, transparent fragrance, yet it is not over-bearing IMO. It is rich and full. I think it is properly labeled as a feminine fragrance. And, as to its name, doesn’t seem either especially floral or especially Oriental. To my nose, it just doesn’t have enough sweet in it to be a candidate for the Oriental label. It has excellent longevity. This is a distinctive and excellent fragrance.

    23rd August, 2008

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