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    Eau Illuminee by Delrae

    These Parfums Delrae fragrances all seem larger than life to me. They are somehow more imposing than the ordinary run of niche fragrances. Impressive and sophisticated, Eau Illuminťe opens with a rather aromatic top. Normally I would think of aromatics as belonging to a more casual genre, but these aromatics manage to come across as elegant. I think itís the particular proportion (and high quality) of bergamot and French lavender that creates such a feeling of sophistication. The heart accords move to an aggressive green herbal accord that manages to feel elegant in spite of the rather raw starkness of the herbs. This time I think itís the combination of bergamot and vanilla that keeps the fragrance from slipping into casualness. The drydown is subtle but it develops an intriguingly modern ďdistanceĒ: a soft, aromatic presence that I canít account for with the listed tonka, vanilla, and orris. This is a rather unusual fragrance because it is pretty much absent of typical floral, spices, and wood notes, and yet it is complete and fulfilling. I donít totally love this, but I canít help but admire itís elegance, naturalness, and creativity. Remarkable fragrance that performs beautifully and is very wearable.

    16th March, 2009

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