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    Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

    Drakkar Noir is a classic. Unlike modern day scents that go through their phases of top middle and base notes, Drakkar Noir basically all comes out at once. It's very strong and has good longevity. Similar to Cool Water, not scent wise but the way it was made. Both Cool Water and Drakkar Noir burst out everything in those initial sprays..then just mellow out during the dry down, something that many people expect from a cologne.

    Ironically they make both Drakkar Noir and Cool Water (and maybe Eternity) as those car scent leaves that hang from your rear view mirrors. This is something that can't be done with most modern day scents because of their transitions in notes.

    Drakkar Noir's scent itself is pretty basic. Citrus, lots of lavender and herbs. As with many fragrances you can expect the woods to emerge during the dry down, the only difference is that Drakkar Noir maintains its top notes through and through. People recognize greatness and Guy Laroche pulled it off with this one. A top seller for almost three decades, this is a classic scent that will forever be treasured.

    Drakkar Noir gets a B- in my book. The only reason it's not as high as some of my other reviews in which I speak so highly of the fragrance, is because Drakkar Noir isn't as versatile. Still a great one, an everyday wearer for some, and a milestone in the cologne world.

    02nd March, 2010

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