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    Attar by Montale

    I think Iím beginning to like ouds. The oud in Attar, on paper, comes through strongly, and this time I can smell purpose and feel acceptance. On paper the sandalwood comes through beautifully in a form that is sharp, rich, and totally thrilling. Unfortunately, on my skin the sandalwood and the oud recede to the background and lose their bite and passion. On paper I canít smell the rose. On my skin the rose rather dominates the scent just as the rose notes dominate in Black Oud or Oud Damascus, but the rose in Attar is presented a bit differently from the rose in those two scentsónot as dark or luxuriousóit is drier, as robyogi says. Itís more chaste and formal, I think. Also, as far as spice goes, I donít find Attar very spicy.
    Itís strange how a scent can be so different on paper from how it performs on the skin. On my skin, I miss that raw, aggressive oud note and that rough, sharp sandalwood note that I smelled on the paper. On paper very little rose makes it through the proactiveness of the woods. On my skin this is a smooth, elegant rose scentómore masculinely wearable than most of the rose scents Iíve tried. I like the scent both ways, but I think I like the rougher, more aggressive wood scent a bit better. As with most Montales, this has great longevity.

    04th December, 2006

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