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    Kenzoair by Kenzo

    This is what pure comfort smells like to me. At first when I blind bought this fragrance I thought to myself Air? What does Air smell like? Well this fragrance didnt blow me away at first spray.

    First of all what the hell happened? there was a very faint spicy peppery scent that seemed to disappear as soon as it hit my skin...but then something amazing happened. This fragrance has a mind of it's own, it's like a playful puppy, that hides and pops out on you when you least expect it.

    Anyways onto the fragrance... this is definately a peppery, anise fragrance, yet it has that complete comfy, snuggly soft huggableness to it. It's so hard to describe this to me this is Air, for something I didnt think had much projection, this baby just keeps me sniffing all day long, it just wafts from my clothes in little intervals to say "hello! i'm still here".

    Great great fragrance, such a pity it is discontinued, this is a simple, "don't bother me I'm having a quiet, peaceful day" kinda fragrance. Definately one for the spring or the summer that you could enjoy on a picnic or at the beach and just letting the light breeze envelope you with this amazing scent.

    24th March, 2010

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