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    Chamade by Guerlain

    Reading the reviews of Chamade published on Base Notes, I sometimes wondered if I was the same scent that I own. I have a bottle of "Eau de Parfum" and its main feature is to be my very warmest winter scent - my other winter favourite being Coco. No trace of lightness or green, Chamade to me is hot, orangey (the color, not the fruit) sunny, heavy but very cosy, elegant and above all, extrovert!
    All right, I may not have the type to wear this kind of perfume, being very light of skin petite... and not very extovert. I spray it sparsely on my wrists, It is quite enough for me.

    I agree with Taliaseki who finds the entry too harsh - but I do smell Hyacinth, strongly so, and it is the part I dislike about Chamade. Afterwards (a short time, thanks god) it gets all creamy and powdery ,like a luxury coat. Then I can go out even if it freezes hard!

    28th April, 2010

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