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    Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci

    I have to begin by saying this fragrance has been the biggest disappointment to my expectations ever. I love tea, yet it never crossed my mind for a long time to look for a tea fragrance, thus when I heard about this one while browsing around I immediately went to try it. Right after applying it, you get the top notes, but they last very briefly you can easily miss them. After that it's just sweet creamy tea, smells exactly like a Vanilla Earl Grey tea I have. It's a very lovely smell, and after trying it I really wanted to smell like that.

    However, getting to the bad part; This fragrance does not project, and it absolutely has no longevity. And when I say it has no longevity I mean it really has no lasting power. I have a skin that very few fragrances last up to their average longevity on others or their advertised longevity. Yet of all the perfumes I tried this one has to be the one with the shortest life. Not even 30 minutes! and you have to drive into your wrist to smell it even right after spraying it.

    Absolutely not worth the price, or any price, no matter how good it smells. It's just a bad "tease" for a tea fragrance. I haven't tried any other Tea fragrance yet (looking forward for Tea for Two), but I doubt this is the best Tea the perfume industry has to offer. It's slightly above average scent-wise, but I love Tea. Also, sadly I LOVE the bottle and would like to add it to my collection. But as attractive as it is, and as much as I love tea, I have more chances of smelling like tea if I put a tea bag in my pocket than I have by spraying this on. I can not emphasis on how much there is no excuse for a perfume, from a somewhat reputable house, to smells this weak.

    21st August, 2010

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