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    Greyland by Montale

    Greyland opens with a strong spice / wood accord that I find very impressive. Distinct spice notes of pepper, cardamom, and cumin join a rich and smooth wood / incense accord for as memorable an opening as Iíve experienced in months. The cumin doesnít stand out to me, nor do I think it animalic. The cedar and the incense chime in with a very solid smoky / aromatic contribution helped by the leathery cistus, which also imparts a subtle sweetness to the package. The accords are strong and deep and, I find, a bit linear. The development of the fragrance seems to limit itself to simply quieting and dulling downólosing the spices one by one to dry down to a lighter, sweeter wood accord. I donít get an aquatic note such as Griff mentions ó I wish I did. I get a light accord that is woody and incensy and nice, but it seems too much of a letdown after the superlative opening. The disappointment continues when the longevity of the scent is considered. Iíve found the lasting power to be very unsatisfactory. All thatís left after an hour is the mild, hugging-the-skin wood and incense dry down, and even that is gone in another hour or two. I am afraid that I expect more than three hours from a scent like this. Others, apparently, find Greyland to be longer lasting, so it must be a particular reaction to my skin. Regardless, I donít feel I can vote it a thumbís up. 271

    04th December, 2006 (Last Edited: 18th March, 2008)

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