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    Cannabis Santal by Fresh

    Cannabis Santal by Fresh the search for truth. Personally I think it should have been named Chocolate Patchouli by Orange. The main thing I smell in the opening is the chocolate, orange, and patchouli it sounds like it would be a good accord, but it smells to me very amorphously fruity sweet this is not the kind of accord I desire on my body, and it smells like a couple thousand other fragrances of the recent past, except that the chocolate is very well done, and I can determine no synthetic vibrations to the ingredients. The chocolate fades out rather quickly leaving only a patchouli fruit accord. How do you spell B-O-R-I-N-G?

    Fresh? I do realize that Fresh is the name of the fragrance company, but they are the ones that chose the name and Im holding them to it: This is in no way a fresh fragrance.

    Cannabis? Once or twice I thought I smelled cannabis, but those could have been flashbacks. There isnt a significant cannabis note in this, or if it is, it is hidden from my nose under the amorphous fruity accord, which also has a strange sort of tobacco vibe.

    To complete the research into the mislabeling of the fragrance, I start looking for the sandalwood. Gave it up quickly because I soon realized it would be an endless search...

    04th December, 2006 (Last Edited: 09th March, 2008)

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