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    Signature / Kisu by Tann Rokka

    There’s a rather mysterious and exotic twist to the opening rosewood and aromatic accord – the combination of rosewood and aromatics is captivating. I’m not sure what causes the aromatics – other reviewers seem to think it is cedar, but it seems to me to be more aromatic than cedar usually delivers. It’s not woody enough for eucalyptus or aoud, so I think it is herbal – it is something like a strongly aromatic basil and thyme combined… or maybe the effect is caused by the rosewood itself. Rosewood is tricky. Whatever… I love the accord: it’s exotic and it’s highly wearable. This opening is somewhat sharp and it continues for a healthy period of time. When it finally morphs into its next and last stages, the sharpness is reduced by the florals, but the reduction isn’t enough to become mellow or soft on the skin.. The florals are significantly gobbled up by my skin and never have a chance – all they do is smooth out the sharpness of the rosewood / aromatics: The fragrance does get a little feminine at this point, but nothing that I can’t handle, especially because the middle doesn’t last long. The final stage is somewhat marine: I don’t get as strong of marine accord as others do. I get a weak salty ambiance in a neutrally textured accord – it’s an accord I enjoy it very much and it lasts beautifully. Complex and Zen at one and the same time – I love this scent.

    10th May, 2008

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