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    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    This Creed was one the first of my premium luxury purchases, I first encountered this in a perfumery in Monaco and it blew me away.

    This had a huge effect on me back in the early Noughties in Monte Carlo, I bought it on the spot and spent the following week in the Principality wearing this. I was staying at a friends apartment and traveling alone so it was very personal experience.

    I found the scent overwhelming and totally addictive. I remember spraying liberally, followed by feelings of 'Oh God I've over done it'. This was followed by that subsiding and then re-applying liberally. I loved the green overload of notes and encompassing aura of quality. Perhaps it was the temperature and setting of Monte Carlo but it just smelt of money and sophistication.

    Fast forward 10 years - I still wear this on occasion, have this in my collection and enjoy GIT. However, once a friend and expert on fragrance explained it was Calone that drove GIT but was also the main driving force of Davidoff Cool Water, (something I never owned), the spell was destined to be broken.

    I bought Cool Water the next time I was in Heathrow Duty Free and it changed my love of GIT.

    After this education I felt the two fragrances are clearly different but just too similar. They take me to different places - GIT is a Saville Row suit with Cool Water the diffusion line at the High Street Store by the same designer.

    Once I realised it was Calone driving both these scents in such a major way it made me think twice about spending at least 4 times as much for the Creed offering. It also lost the allure of the special quality of GIT.

    I have to say I love both of these scents in different ways but the similarities sadly diminishes my love for GIT. This is not only due to price, although this is certainly a factor. I feel that a niche and luxury scent with a corresponding price tag has to have a unique selling point beyond something so close to a blockbuster mens fragrance. It seems the fabulous synthetic Calone is the USP of both of these - albeit worked differently but too closely to give GIT a real Thumbs Up.

    A love affair that is lovely to remember but was ruined by the equally sexy, cheaper cousin of the original.

    10th June, 2010

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