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    Loukhoum by Ava Luxe

    Loukhoum is a gourmand fragrance that is inspired by Turkish Delight, and it is actually wearable Ė some Iíve tried arenít. This Loukhoum is not in-your- face as several of the other ones. This Loukhoum is more subtle; itís sweet but not gooey syrupy; and it has a tolerable sillage. The pistachios and hazelnuts are appetizing but not cloying, and even the difficult- to- use almonds are handled with an excellent artistry. The rose is subtly excellent and it definitely moves the fragrance into the ďelegantĒ territory. Loukhoumís sillage is civilized and the longevity is superb. This is a refined, well made scent: itís performance and price could not be better. This is one of the best Ė surely the most wearable Ė interpretation of Turkish Delight Iíve seen.

    12th March, 2008

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