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    Fahrenheit Absolute by Christian Dior

    I put some of this on from a carded sampler I bought purely out of interest the other day, and a few minutes later I was like, hang on a minute, this isn't half bad. I like the original, perhaps I should say. This is similar, but darker, more intense. I'm not great at describing smells, being a bit of a newbie, but I actually got strong powder from this, and I'm a fan of that. I put a little more on - though it's pretty strong - and just enjoyed it. There's a definite development, as it eases off, gets a little sweeter, and I'm pretty sure I can smell a lot of vanilla there too. It really softens nicely, but remains very distinct and unmistakeable. I like scents with character, big scents, that stand out, and, to my mind, this fits the bill. I've even, later in the drydown, thought "Guerlain" a couple of times, and perhaps that's why I've warmed to it. I also like florals (Hammam Bouquet) and have now read about the violet, which I suppose appeals too.

    Another plus point - my girlfriend liked it, which is unusual. I present her with many a wrist to sniff, and usually it's "Yeah, it's nice", but she's never bowled over. For FA, though, she showed a definite enthusiasm. So.

    I've bought about 50+ 2ml samples since joining Basenotes. Of those, I'm definitely going back for 5ml of Daim Blond and Heritage. Fahrenheit Absolute has surprised me for sure, being a mere "flanker", but it's marked itself out as a possible for a decant, and it's nice when that happens.

    01st October, 2010

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