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    Diorissimo by Christian Dior

    I have had the version from before the refomulation. The hydroxy was not only rasping but as a basenote it outlasts anything else. The single "note" of that chemical became anoying sometimes. The Eau De Toilette was hefty right from the start, but developed whilst simplifying into an even louder fragrance subjectively. The radiance of the frag has not been evaluated by others, sorry. I never asked anybody about it. Maybe my 100ml "Tester" contained a far more concentrated juice as nominal the EdT is. But this EdT was to much to wear. Compared to Fracas the latter wasn't that much louder. In the end I had to give it away.

    The contemporary EdT shows itself less creamy, hence lighter, more wearable. I never gave it a full try either. All in all I would like to conclude that, as more eloquent people mentioned before, why should women smell of flowers? And if at all, why lilly of the valley?

    04th August, 2010

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