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    Fleur du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

    I was expecting not to like this one, but that didn’t happen. Fleur du Mâle is not nearly as floral or a sweet as I was expecting, and it has an interesting and unique take on the approach to a male floral fragrance. The uniqueness strikes me immediately upon application: The Petitgrain opening has, as zztopp says, a definite wood aspect to it… I find it a little startling, even – at any rate it forces me to drop my assumptions and to take notice of what is really happening. Besides the character of the Petitgrain, the opening is also influenced by the middle fern accord and the coumarin of the base. These three – Petitgrain, fern, and coumarin, along with the orange blossom floral – are responsible for the entire ambiance of the fragrance. It’s a simple fragrance and does lack complexity, but that is not a problem because its uniqueness, directness, and balance result in an interesting and enjoyable (even a bit compelling) masculine fragrance.

    The bottle is too much. But I believe that its excessiveness is part of the business plan: I look at the bottle and I expect the fragrance to be crass, flamboyant, and over-the-edge vulgar, but it isn’t… the fragrance presents an admittedly edgy, though acceptable message: it is interesting, enjoyable, well put together, and not anywhere near the libertine that the bottle suggests. The florals don’t go overboard, the synthetics are manageable, the sweetness is disguised and likable. Certainly not a fragrance for me, but likely a good possibility for a young person with a spirit of adventure. Fleur du Mâle works...

    31st August, 2008

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