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    Unforgivable by Sean John

    Our local drugstore has 50% discount on this stuff, and i gave it a try.
    Most things are already written: rather boring skin-scent,
    which smells a bit like tiger cage, after 2 hrs poor silage..
    but this was a very sapless, old, mangy, toothless tiger chained inside.. poor cat! ^^

    In a sudden outburst of geistesblitz, i gave that old tiger a kick,
    and layered some spicy-oriental cologne over the unforgivable PuffyDoodle-pee:
    'AZTEK' by Y.Rocher (ReEdition 2008), with a welldone labdanum base.

    Within seconds, it turned into a dark, vibrant, hyperreal "gladiator scent",
    with a warm, splendid and prominent base accord of musk-amber -labdanum.
    Big cojones and animalic - not yet the holy water i'm seeking,
    that causes cascades of goosebumps on your neck at first smell,
    but my autumn /winter favorite for 2010.

    01st September, 2010

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