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    Fleur de Liane by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Take a rainy morning in an autumn day. You do feel like going outside and having a long walk in the park, enjoying the falling leaves whirling a while in the wind to end up floating in the rivulets of water that trickle down the path. What perfume would you wear? No doubt, for me. Id wear Fleur de Liane. By the time Id be outside, the fruity top notes (watery melon, not very interesting for me, by the way) would have already vanished and I would be envelopped in the deep, damp, strong, earthy vegetal scent (Vetiver? Patchouli? Drenched exotic woods?) that so perfectly matches the smell that the soaked ground exhales. In this cloud that surrounds me and make me feel so perfectly friendly to my environment, a whiff of white flowers (magnolia, lily of the valley) would remind me of other times of the year, while the persistent, metallic ozone note (which I generally loathe and almost made me discard FdL at the first sniff!) would add a nostalgic marine hue to my walk. If Id smell more closely my warmed skin, Id recognize the sort of sweet-smoky- peppery signature of Bertrand Duchaufour, definitely one of my favourite noses.
    FdL would stay with me for the whole day, even if my skin doesnt generally support great longevity, and eventually mingle with what I will be wearing next - I loved its serendipitous encounter on my clothes with Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114.
    In short, both thumbs up for a beautifully conceived and evocative fragrance.

    01st November, 2010

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