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    Cologne du Parfumeur by Guerlain

    The newest cologne from Guerlain in a long time is not very typical of the historic EDC type fresh citrus scents. Instead, it is a modern cologne interpretation based heavily on the Orange blossom note. It is very lovely. It is one of the most polite scents I've come across in a long time. I can't imagine anyone but the most scent sensitive people, or cynical powerhouse frenzied dolts finding this scent objectionable. As such it is one of the most perfect office scents available. CdP is a fragrance that is obvious and present while blending into the background seamlessly.

    Although the orange blossom and citrus notes are prominent at the opening, the citrus subsides and the orange blossom persists well for a very long time into the middle bitter notes of herbs and orange peel which are quite addictive and pleasing. The long extended dry down is very clean and soapy, quite modern and minimalist... think Jean Claude Elena, but even more linen white and clean.

    It is one of the few scents that actually works as a true base for other perfumes (although many scents claim to be layering scents, this one actually works as such almost universally). When applying another scent after the top and middle notes of CdP have burned off, CdP seems to charge any other perfume with an intensified carrying power and sillage. It's really an amazing scent when used in this manner: a polite office scent by day and a base for other scents by night. I have even worn this scent as a base by applying other fragrances directly on top of it immediately after application, without waiting for any dry down. The effect is absolutely stunning.

    Thierry Wasser has really shown himself as a master parfumeur with this fragrance, and Guerlain has revealed that they knew what they were doing when choosing him to take the helm.

    17th November, 2010

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