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    L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

    Versatility ****
    Durability *****
    Sillage ***
    Top ****
    Heart *****
    Base *****
    Final score *****

    Quoting Sunsetspawn: "At first I thought that this fragrance could dodge bullets, but then I realized that when it's ready, it won't have to.
    You can read the other reviews to find out about chocolate this and musk that, however, I'm here to tell you all you need to know.
    This is The One"
    His review is for the EDP and mine is for the EDT but really...

    The good
    This thing is marvelous, and everyone seems to love it. From Luca Turin, pedantic basenoters, to the common people. There isn't really much negative to say about it.
    Extremely balanced, it's somewhat sexy yet not loud, obnoxious, or potentially offensive.
    It does have some punch and yet it's no powerhouse, in-your-face affair.
    Subtly gourmandy and yet you can't really say there are obvious foody notes except the cocoa, which is a high quality one even.
    The opening is slightly familiar with the citrus but it lasts short anyway.
    Durability is good, around 10h for me, and it can resist showers sometimes, even.
    Sillage is average but I prefer it that way, so to me, that's perfection.
    I can see this one working for many occasions except hot weather and sports.

    The bad
    It can't really be worn in summertime.
    Some think it's a formal scent only.

    The ugly
    There are people other than myself wearing it.

    01st December, 2010

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