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    Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

    Versatility *
    Durability *****
    Sillage *****
    Top **
    Heart ****
    Base ****
    Final score ***

    That's the one that introduced me to the hobby of scents. Yes, it was a bit of that "what can I add to my arsenal to attract girls?". It screams fun, fun, fun.

    The good
    Young girls dig this. Period.
    It's also a pretty complex mainstream fragrance. Most laymen probably don't even know about the notes pyramid but it's all there, knock-offs and cheapos can't pull it off. It's a fun journey indeed, from the fresh top to the cheerful heart, finally arriving at the clean drydown.
    Unique and it doesn't feel like the cliche men's scents.
    Proper sillage test shows it's not really so sweet as some people claim, if applied with a light hand.
    Atomic sillage and staying power.

    The bad
    Because of the gender crossing thematic typical of Gaultier's, this one will sparkle discussions on what's appropriate for men pretty often. Conservative noses will label it girlish or gay, so be ready for it.
    I believe it's a "fun scent" and therefore not appropriate for office and formal settings.
    The top notes feel indeed industrial/synthetic and that might put off some.

    The ugly
    Being the quintessential "pickup scent", many men treat it like a love potion: the more the better, they must think. The resulting mess is disgusting but what scent doesn't reek when overapplied?
    Not appropriate for very hot weather.
    To each their own but I also find older (40+) folks wearing this as trying too hard most of the time, just like it would feel it they wore teenager clothing.
    Quite a many people mistake it for Cuba Gold, a cheapo, as the heart notes are pretty close.

    29th October, 2010 (Last Edited: 01st December, 2010)

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