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    Montana Parfum de Peau by Montana

    I have a hard time reviewing a perfume I can't pronounce, but since my SO is one foot away I insisted he say this for me(he's French). The conversation went like this: (me) Pew? (him) Peau. (me) Pew. (him) Peau! (me) Peeuuuw (him) PEAU!

    Whatever. Here is what I think of parfum de Pew. It opens harsh, so wait it out a bit. The top notes fade away after 20 minutes, and at this point the fragrance smells 'wet' to me. So, soggy, heavy florals with a hint of incense.

    During the middle phase the incense becomes more prominent and the wetness fades away. I like this phase best; the florals and basenotes are really rich. It creates a wonderful halo that is perfect for a cold night. I can't comment on sillage because i can never guess that, but this seems average- not too strong, not too weak.

    Despite the name I wouldn't call this a stinker. Like other reviewers, I wouldn't call this a leather either; to me it is more of a floral oriental. For it's price range it is certainly one of the better fragrances.

    01st December, 2010

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