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    Metropolis by Estée Lauder

    This was one favorites back in the eighties, along with Halston Limited, Antaeus, Polo, and of course my all-time favorite: Eau Sauvage. I just received a small spray bottle that I purchased online and I was completely blown away. It smells just as good now as it did then, and I am not just being nostalgic, as the olfactory recollection was not that strong. I get more of a flashback of childhood memories from the smell of crayons, or the smell of a musty window air conditioning unit that takes me back to vacations on the Mexican Riviera, than I do from a vintage cologne. This is totally a review that stands on its own. The scent of Metropolis is so fresh and new after all of these years. Yes, it is green, but the sage is not so pointed as cut grass or citrus leaf. And the middle notes: just a hint of floral, but in a masculine way, perhaps through the use of Hedione (dihydrojasmonate). Finally the leather, so light, like a new lambskin wallet as opposed to a new pair of cowboy boots. One of the many (underrated) masterpieces by Estee Lauder.

    01st December, 2010

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