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    Adidas Ice Dive by Adidas

    This is delightful! I don't like sports fragrances, and Ice Dive is clearly of that genre, but this was such a pleasant surprise! It has little to no originality, and in fact it isn't much different than any other Adidas fragrance. However, there's something so uplifting about this scent that separates it in my mind from the rest of this awful pack, and I feel great every time I wear it.

    This is a light woody citrus fougere that blends its grapefruit, lavender, musk and wood notes in such a well balanced fashion, that it manages to rise above this boring genre and simply smell damn good, plain and simple. It has mediocre longevity (about 3 hours), but its lightness makes this a perfect scent to wear at night after a shower, when you don't want to put on something that you're still going to smell on yourself when you wake up the next morning.

    I think Ice Dive smells so good that I'm willing to give it an 8 out of 10 rating in spite of its flaws.

    I believe I paid about $7 for my bottle of Ice Dive, but I'd pay $20 if I had to. This is well worth the money.

    MY RATING: 8/10

    01st December, 2010

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