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    Harrods for Him by Bond No. 9

    Absolutely superb fragrance - I can't understand the scathing reviews from some people on this one, though of course fragrance is a highly subjective, personal subject!

    I tried this one in the Harrods store in Knightsbridge and found the initial impression of the top notes to be reasonably good, without that "wow" factor...but it soon developed into a different beast altogether, with gorgeous rich, masculine notes all the way through. I've rarely worn a fragrance that has developed so much.

    I also wear Riverside Drive and New Haarlem from the Bond no 9 stable, and Cool Water Deep and Tom Ford on other occasions, but Harrods is my absolute favourite. Two people have commented on how nice it is when I've been wearing it. It has good sillage and longevity. It's perhaps more of a winter fragrance as it's towards the heavier end of the spectrum, with the overall impression being elegance, refinement and classiness.

    A real gem - big thumbs up from this reviewer!

    01st December, 2010

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