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    Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

    Gucci eau de Parfume is like a elegant Tweed jacket dry and musty it brings
    an Androgynous chicness in modern perfumery The opening of Heliotrope with
    it's vanilla with almond nuance opens the
    top note, in a few minutes dry Caraway
    makes it's presence known Iris adds to the
    powdery feel it has an strawberry middle drydown Leather is subtle and it's not
    overwhelming Incense adds to the dark mystery of the scent with an reserved
    reputare aloof and not showing her true
    nature i love the dark musky drydown
    and vanilla sweetens the base.

    Gucci eau de Parfume has no categorized
    identity genderless it's neither Male
    nor Female it brings androgamy to the
    wearer it's unisex to me, these are one
    of the scents that thinks outside the box like CK One that does not follow
    conventional rules on female perfumery
    it avoids trendy girlish watery floral
    fruity scents that is all the rage and
    beats to it's own drum, this scent is for a woman who wants to break convention.

    03rd December, 2010

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