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    Allure Homme Edition Blanche by Chanel

    (consider THIS the one to be posted, I will remove this note later)

    Versatility *****
    Durability ****
    Sillage **
    Top ****
    Heart ****
    Base *****
    Final score ****

    Concentrée is the only version apparently.
    On this follow-up review I noticed I might be going crazy, or at least my perception of this scent changed dramatically.
    Final edit this time.

    The good
    A marvelous creamy, superb lemon smell. At first I thought it couldn't be serious, it's lemon with citronella! It didn't take me long to start loving the smell though, it's soothing, uplifting, embracing.
    That creamy citrus theme lends an unusual kind of freshness that some seem to read as formal, elegant, I read it as laid back and fun. I've seen a 50some lawyer with it but I regard it as a casual, vacation, mild weather and warmer scent. A 20some guy could easily pull it off, as well as women.
    Two weeks after I began wearing it, it changed into something close to what most reviewers described. The lemon is half gone, the pepper appeared in the heart, the drydown has musk, cedar, and some citrus peel, good but it's mostly an amberish skin scent at that point. Despite that, the longevity is pretty good and higher than what first impressions would indicate.
    It's indeed a stylish jack of all trades.

    The bad
    The price tag is the usual for Chanel, top tier of designer price range.
    It made me go from love to noncommittal, then to "ok, I really like it".

    The ugly
    Limited sillage, it lacks some punch too.

    01st December, 2010 (Last Edited: 04th December, 2010)

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