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    Silver Cologne by Amouage

    The name “Silver” is a good choice, but the fragrance does not really have much of a metallic ambiance. It does remind me of silver, though. I find the accords delightful. The floral / fruity opening gives an impression of powder, but it is not as powdery as Gold or Dia, a circumstance I will ever be grateful for. I have a difficult time describing it, except to say that it has a strong element of dryer sheet accord to it—granted, it is a profusely opulent dryer sheet with abundant depth and refinement. To my nose, the opening is dominated by an accord of fruit, mixed floral, sandalwood, and frankincense. The frankincense is very rich but highly muted, and the fruit (citrus, plum) have a creamy texture to them. The floral elements and the sandalwood combine in a rich, luxurious combination accord in which I have difficulty separating out the individual notes. There is a sensitive transparency and otherworldliness to the accord that I would guess is attributable to the exquisitely refined patchouli from the base. I think Moon_fish is on to something when he mentions the chypre nature of Silver—that could account for my preferring this to all the other Amouages I’ve tried up til now: I have a special love for the old chypres. I also agree with Robyogi when he says it is reminiscent of Acier Aluminium: There are definite correlations although I don’t find the metallic ambiance in Silver that I found in Acier Aluminium.

    This is a charming fragrance; it is rich and refined with accords that I find appealing, and yet it doesn’t scream, it doesn’t overpower. It is entirely restrained, making it completely wearable for my major use of fragrance—the office (so long as I keep the application of it minimal). It is the most masculine of the Amouages I’ve tried so far.... As for buying it, aye, there’s the rub: I am still struggling with the idea of $135.00 for 50mls of a fragrance that could easily be called, “Silver Snuggles.” Also, on my skin, Silver seems to have significantly less longevity than the other Amouage’s I’ve tested. Oh, the irony—the other Amouage fragrances I’ve tried had wonderful (or tedious) longevity, but they had accords I might respect but could not love. Silver has great accords but I am pretty close to giving it a neutral because of its longevity.

    Originally submitted 24 May 2007

    05th December, 2010

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