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    parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Anbar by Comme des Garçons

    Expectation is the issue with an eau de cologne. What do you want? Citrus? Yes. Uncomplicated? Yes. Easy to wear? Yes. Long lasting? Not likely. Anbar finds a little bit of a work around here. The name should give it away. Amber is a material that gives a longer drydown missing from most colognes. This is a cologne that both lasts and has a bit more time evolution than most. It starts with a simple lemon with a touch of lavender. Granted it’s a fairly loud lemon, but the lavender takes a bit of the edge off. Soon a bit of green from petitgrain or some other citrus leaf/twig. In the drydown, there is a ghost of the lemon and petitgrain held up by a simple sweet amber and what seems like a bit of musk. Dull? I can’t say no. But does it have endurance? Yeah.

    I went back and forth between this and Vettiveru which is arguably much more interesting. In the end bought Anbar. If what you want is a simple cologne, but want it to last longer than dressing and walking out of the house, this works. Eau d’Hermès and Mugler’s cologne are interesting takes on cologne, too, and are the two other eaux de cologne I wear, but they don’t have the simplicity of Anbar

    05th December, 2010

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