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    Derby by Guerlain

    Derby reawakens my interest in fragrances after a long hiatus. What a towering giant of a fragrance! This is warm, spicy, woody and more. And curiously the "more" is really what this is all about. This is a fragrance that is greater than the sum of its parts; and more than that, greater than the ability of most reviewers to capture it, or pigeon-hole it This is a masterpiece and one of the finest winter fragrances I have ever had the privilege of trying and (soon) buying. Lighter than Mazzolari's Lui thanks to the peppermint and pimento, it is not really like any other leather or tobacco fragrance that I have encountered, it is a "thing in itself". What is truly marvelous and magical about Derby is that is not "perfumey" at all. It truly blends into the aura of the man who wears it, and therefore does not give off any affect. It does not feel or smell "put on". It is just there. That is the magic that only a few fragrances can achieve. And make no mistake, it is magical. Just when I thought there was nothing new I could find that would make my heart skip a beat (after four years at this reviewing game) along came this "thing," this very special "thing". The names that come to mind are Gianni Agnelli; David Niven; Edward R. Murrow, Antony Eden and Pierre Trudeau; with more contemporary names being: Sean Connery, Prince William and Jeremy Irons. This is a classy classic and a timeless treasure. Porbably as great as Patou Pour Homme , but with one major difference. It still might be possible to find it; to buy it; and to own it.

    24th December, 2009 (Last Edited: 06th December, 2010)

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