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    Infusion d'Homme by Prada

    This is a pleasant scent, but it is not what I would expect given its ingredients. Specifically, I think a scent which has galbanum and frankincense should have a green and coniferous or resinous quality. The “Somalian incense” here smells more like myrrh to me, since it is slightly sweet and soapy. The cedar should give some wood notes, and the vetiver should give earthy or grassy notes – but I get none of these.
    What I do get is a grey/silver sort of scent. Iris and soap notes dominate. This is done in the typical Prada style; which is round, smooth and has no edges. The scent is attractive, soapy and slightly sweet, and sits close to the skin.
    [update} What an odd scent! Fresh, soapy, clean, somewhat juvenile in style. Sweet and kind of twee in a pretty way. The myrrh is done in a sweet-soapy style. There is a fresh, slighly ozonic note here. Does not evoke a masculine image –a young boy perhaps, prior to his first beard. This isn’t a scrubber, it is just not my style.

    12th July, 2010 (Last Edited: 07th December, 2010)

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