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    Absynthe for Him by Christian Lacroix

    Of course, after Tumulte, whatever is launched under the name Lacroix is doomed to be bad. But, this can be worth a try: it is classified as an oriental spicy scent, and as such, it opens with pepper and cardamom notes, as well as what people and experts in perfume - making call "fig". Curiously enough, this mixture feels like a peppery / fruity chocolate mix that seems to vanish after application, however making a grand rentree after minutes, and from then on projecting in a rather subdued way. A mystery of modern chemistry, it might feel a "close-to-the-skin" scent but it is not, but the projection won't feel like powerhouses do. Longevity is quite good, but its complexity is rather tame.

    The curious point is that absynthe is an alcholic bevearge made of artemisa absinthium. Even though I never had the chance of smelling that plant's flowers or leaves, I tried absynthe, of which I can tell it is almost the same as anisette. In the case of the fragrance being reviewed, there are definetely none anise-like notes in this blend, so if you look after these, you might as well try other options.

    08th December, 2010

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