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    Lomani by Lomani

    Initial notes felt like a trip to the past, were not those of inexpensive scents widely available back in the late 1980's? Many reviewers mention Lomani's similarity to Drakkar Noir which was a bestseller back then, thus becoming a parameter for other blends trying to be as succesfull as this one. Might this be the case of Lomani?

    Speculations aside, Lomani does not feel like a powerhouse they way many blends launched at that time were like. This is not Kouros, Balenciaga nor Lapidus, less aside Or Black: provided it is applied discreetly - if not, it can turn into a rather sweet blend to the point of cloyness (blame the patchouly mixed with amber) - , the presence of lavender is obvious, but the way it blends with the tangerine and the lemon gives it a humbler character that morphs into very discrete mid and base notes, which are worth waiting for. These - patchouly, vetiver oakmoss and amber - turns the blend into a scent that is characteristic of those worn by during the 1970's / early 1980's: it feels rather classic and gentlemanly, a characteristic that does not give any account as to its very low price.

    To a certain extent, while wearing Lomani I had the feeling that it shared notes with Mary Kay's Tribute - call this one Lomani's hiperbolic version. If the wearer wants to compare both scents, he or she might as well check Lomani's and Tribute's pyramids for there are notes in common, namely, hesperidic top notes, woody / amberine mid and base notes.

    Choose your version, similar in character, different in the way they both project.

    08th December, 2010

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