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    Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

    Sometimes when I put on Eau Sauvage, I feel like a little boy putting on a suit and tie and trying to play "grownup". I kind of forget that I AM grownup now. Oh well.

    As some have said this scent is kind of predictable, but it's good. Some people think of Guerlain Vetiver as the scent of their fathers. For me, I think of scents like this one and also Monsieur de Givenchy, though I'm doubtful my dad ever wore either-- I associate him mostly with Aramis, but for some reason, Eau Sauvage brings me happy memories of my dad.

    Either way, it's a good scent to grow into. Fresh and herbal, yet almost cold and metallic-- like putting your nose to the screen of a well used electric shaver. Very much a man's scent-- I can see where some might find it unisex, being a citrus, but this one is all man. I don't get the alleged vetiver note. This was supposedly the first mainstream fragrance containing the material hedione-- a very important note in perfumery. I detect its abstract dewy, jasmine and sunbeams accord in Eau Sauvage. Those in-the-know have said that this has been reformulated so many times that all the windows are broken and the cupboards have been ransacked, but to the nose that has no frame of reference, it's still a good scent on its own.

    08th December, 2010

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