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    Fendi Uomo by Fendi

    How would I define Fendi Uomo? "Quorum in a tuxedo".
    Both strong patchouli/leather scents, but while Quorum is intrusive and with an attitude, Fendi Uomo is gentler, maybe a little more friendly, but still is a ballsbusting macho perfume yelling "I am here" (while wearing silk gloves).
    The bitter Artemisia note in Quorum (which I love) is replaced by Coriander and Angelica in Fendi, not as "sharp" as Quorum giving Fendi a rounder and deeper feel. The heart is much much more complex in Fendi with Jasmine taking a more prominent role in Fendi, and while Quorum is woodier, Fendi is spicier. Then, in both, patchouli takes the reins sitting in this rich leather saddle and would not let go until the cows come home. Quorum's drydown being mossier and Fendi's sweeter, but both highly enjoyable.
    Although they are somewhat different perfumes, they share too many facets that I can not think in one without thinking in the other. I love them both and while Quorum appeals to the brute in me, Fendi appeals to a more sophisticated me.
    This review is for the vintage Fendi (Horizontal clear Window) and not for the reformulated one (Vertical clear window) I think the bad reviews here may refer to the reformulated one.

    09th December, 2010

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