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    Jean Paul Gaultier Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

    EDP = vile. I tested the EDT in a duty free shop while traveling, loved the clean, shower-fresh feminine vibe of it. I either grabbed the wrong one, or must have thought that the EDP would be the same fragrance, just more concentrated with better longevity. Boy was I wrong. Others have pointed out that the EDP is a totally different animal; I would argue a stinkier, less desireable animal at that. If I had to sum this scent up in one word it would be sour. Sour, boozy spoiled fruits with acetone, cheap talcum powder, and a healthy dose of synthetic musk.

    Picture this: you're primping yourself up for a night on the town, don some powdery feminine perfume, douse your head with hairspray, laquer your nails, apply some sticky, powder fresh antiperspirant. Scene 2: you're at the club, grinding with some sweaty men overdosed in cheap musky colognes, your sweat combining with your perfume, your pittstick, and those man-scents. You have two many glasses of red wine, followed by too many cosmopolitans. The rest of the night is a black out punctuated with some dry-heaving, too tired and sick to care to brush your teeth afterwards. The next day you wake, head pounding, sticky limbs marinated in sweat and god knows what else, mouth dry & noxious. Take a deep breath - inhale the myriad of scents. This is what Classique EDP smells like to me. Sound appealing?

    I've given this so many tries, hoping that someday I'll end up with a different result but each time it has been a total scrubber. Every once in awhile I drift past a department store counter and sniff the bottle of the EDT - it still smells lovely - shower fresh as I remember it. I am tempted, but daren't give it a shot - I don't think JPG 'fumes are for me.

    19th December, 2010

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