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    Greenbriar by Caswell-Massey

    It's a good thing I often revisit fragrances I've hated, because I'd be missing out on a lot of good scents. After getting Greenbriar shaving soap recently and liking the way it smelled, I decided to try the the EDT again. I have to revise my review, because this is good.

    If leprachauns wore cologne, they'd probably wear Greenbriar. It may not be the most natural smelling fragrance, but it's one of the greenest I've ever smelled. It crertainly does resemble Cool Water and Aspen at first; in fact, for the first 15 minutes I'd say the three are just about identical. Where Greenbriar marks it its own territory is in the drydown, which is smells very much like Irish Spring soap, only softer and without the astringency of soap, thankfully. I do not detect any patchouli, amber or labdanum in this, nor any silly things like ozone; in fact Greenbriar smells much greener than the note pyramid would suggest, and I'm reviewing the current formulation of this. It smells clean, warm, smooth, well balanced, and most importantly - GREEN!

    I can't say I prefer Greenbriar over other green marvels like Wild Fern, Pino Silvestre or Acqua di Selva, but this is a very good, solidly made fougere that is suitable for all times of year, on any occasion. I'm glad I revisited Greenbriar. Thumbs up from me now.

    MY RATING: 8/10

    20th September, 2010 (Last Edited: 20th December, 2010)

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