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    Shalimar Eau Légère Parfumée by Guerlain

    I love Shalimar but this is better. I just received this as Eau de Shalimar. It starts with an over powering citrus and then quickly goes to a vanilla and then settles down to an almost floral vanilla note that remains for a long time. Some time ago I had a perfumer in Scottsdale blend a perfume just for me. It was called "Besmi" for Betsy Smith. I know really cheesy but I was only 22 at the time so give me a break. This smells very much like it. I never thought it was possible but I actually like this better then Shalimar (at least the non-vintage version). It just smells romance. I would love to get a bottle of the original Shalimar Eau Legerre to compare with the Eau de Shalimar. I know they are suppose to be the same but a side by side comparison would be great. My husband likes it too.

    22nd December, 2010

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