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    Krigler America One by Krigler

    America One, like all Krigler's I have tried, is a very unusual nostalgic fragrance. Cold modernity has not intruded onto the minds of the makers of this fragrance. It is aromatic, almost camphorous, and more that just a bit minty and soapy. It is not particularly "masculine" nor "feminine" nor "unisex" -- it defies those characterizations entirely. After all, would the scent worn by an old uncle or auntie be something you would characterize based on gender or experience? This is a fragrance of nostalgia and experience. This is a history lesson in a bottle. A beautiful, strange history lesson. It is pretty much the opposite of what one would conceive as a modern fragrance. It is not subtle, easily understood or intentionally non-offensive. This is a fragrance that knows its name, and likes it. This is more of an upfront powerhouse, but just maybe it goes so far back that it would make the 80s powerhouse fragrances seem vulgar. It tries to some extent to smell fresh with an added element of mint and some other odd unpredictable fresh notes that I can't grab. (Is that Tide I smell?) But in the final analysis it's not really a fresh scent. It is not a shy fragrance by any means, but it is well, I guess you'd say "nice" (unless it's put too strongly, and then wouldn't be nice).

    The kiosk in the Plaza is so charming, and so interesting in a simple but undefinably retro way, with the picture of Grace Kelly and all, I can't help but think of this as a simple, undefinable retro fragrance. I am not sure in trying America One whether I should laugh and say, "wow they actually make fragrances like this in 2010/2011?!" Or, wow, how lucky am I that I can actually BUY something like this today?! I have no idea how others will take to this. It is either an odd museum piece or a classic. It is either something to be loved as a gem or dismissed as an irrelevant relic. I am not sure. I may be sampling this for years.

    06th December, 2010 (Last Edited: 24th December, 2010)

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