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    SoCal Cologne by Hollister

    My very first thought when I first tried SoCal was: "Christmas!", immediately - because of three things:
    1. It smelled like pine needles.
    2. It reminded me of Davidoff Cool Water Game which I received as a Christmas gift last year;
    3. It was December already.
    It's not a simple cologne by no means. It's fresh, but its freshness comes from cedar and pine. Then it's sweet but just in the right measure with pineapple, pear or I don't know what, this is the part that reminded me of Coll Water Game.
    Then after a while an amber/vanilla accord comes on stage to surprise me completely. It's a complex scent with many faces, you could call it woody, fruity, almost oriental in the dry down.
    (Dry down is actually the part that really surprised me with its almost gourmand presence, still accompanied by woods)
    It evokes a beautiful picture of a beach with some clouds, driftwood on the shore, then a warm house with a view to the ocean. Not sporty, not cheap-smelling, it succeeds to be light and cozy at the same time. It's the type of perfume you would choose if you had to choose just one bottle for all places.

    24th December, 2010

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