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    L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

    This is the instant smell I get when entering a perfume or gift shop. I don't know exactly why. Is it the dark vanilla ambiance spray? The cocoa/chocolate, a smell imprinted so deep in our brains it's almost archetypal? Is it because the assistants keep spraying A*Men in the air showing the average costumer a new exciting path out of the beaten path of his beloved but overused Hugo? Or, on the other hand, is it actually the combined smell of the whole Boss and CK sections at once?
    Anyway, it's a smell saying "I'm not in the drugstore anymore"; an instant sign of quality perfumery which, however, lacks any personality. You could recognize some Guerlainesque boozy-gourmand accord in the heart but only if you're looking for it and I also doubt that this is the point. There's a perfect green accord somewhere there as well but again you have to force yourself to appreciate it. There are many other things actually, none of them brave enough though.
    Without being cheap or trivial, L'Instant just escapes from the radar, setting a new definition of "generic". It's perfectly wearable though, as is cocoa butter lotion.

    27th December, 2010

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